Goodbye, Farewell to 2018... Let's look forward to 2019!

What an amazing, heart wrenching, heart opening, enlightening journey of the soul year, this 2018! If you feel like the energies of 2018 put you thru the ringer and spit you out, not quite knowing what the heck happened, you are not alone, my friend. It was one of those years. The good, the bad, the ups and downs. But what we come away with as we take our first steps into 2019 is a calm resolve to NOT do THAT again. Right?? Many of us experienced huge break ups, divorce, emotional upheaval, residential changes, employment changes, floods, deaths, unexpected surgeries…which is how I ended my 2018, by the way… with one big unexpected emergency appendectomy that made me stop in my tracks until 2019. The Universe finally said…you can sit the rest of this year out hon. its ok. All of the above mentioned events happen all the time, every year. 2018 is not unique in that way. However, the energies of 2018 surrounding all those events were heightened. Yes they were. Many of us experienced more than one of those at the same time. And many of us felt the reeling after effects of events that happened prior to 2018, in 2018. They just hung out and waited, making us think we were doing great…we got this, surfing the wave of emotions like a pro. But no. To be honest with ourselves, those emotions were not being “managed”….they were being stuffed. And we all know what happens to stuffed emotions. If they stay stuffed, they can cause huge emotional and energetic blocks that can lead to unbalanced relationships and have an impact on our physical bodies. If they don’t stay stuffed, they can suddenly make their way out via unhealthy bursts of negative emotions, angry communication, or detrimental behavior.

Take a wise pause for a moment and reflect on alllllll the things that happened in your life in 2018. All of it.

Now, take a deep breath, look each one of those events in the eye and say thank you. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to dive deeper and learn a little bit more about myself. Thank you for the opportunity to dive deeper and learn more about my children. Thank you for the occasion to celebrate my accomplishments. Thank you for the gift of sharing time with family and friends. Thank you for allowing an opportunity for me to acknowledge and remedy toxic situations. Thank you for the ability, support and courage to change. Thank you to all the individuals present in my life that contributed to, or were witness to, all my most fun moments, all my horrible sad moments…all my ups and downs. Continue to go through your list until you feel complete. Release negative attachment and negative emotions about the low points in your life this past year. Let that shit go! Stay in the presence of Gratitude for how those events positively impacted your life. Silver Linings. What are your Silver Linings? Recognize the blessings of those joyous nuggets and keep them under your pillow like a treasure for your Life Fairy. Stay in the vibration of Joy, Love and Gratitude and ride THAT wave into 2019. Can you feel the difference?

Happy 2018!

A new year full of Hopes, Dreams, Opportunities and Possibilities is upon us!  We are all about the IN WITH THE NEW!  Fresh starts, new beginnings, open doors, uncharted territory.  What do you want to accomplish this year?  What would you like to learn this year?  What inspires you to shift and make things happen this year?  What are your Hopes and Dreams?  Goals and Aspirations?  How can I help you make it happen?